First Snow — Oh Yippy

img_20160112_135617.jpgWell, we are gettin’ out first real snow here in my neck of the woods. It’s not gonna amount to much, but it’s snow, and I hate snow. I hate cold weather in general. I’m a warm weather, summertime kinda guy.

I like wearin’ next to nothin’, which I usually do that all year long in the house, ’cause mommy freezes and it’s almost 80 degrees iin here. I mean I like wearin’ next to nothin’ outside too. A pair of shorts and flip flops or sandals is plenty, no more apparel required.

Not to mention the sexy ladies around here and their little short shorts, tube tops and bikinis. It’s just not possible to enjoy the scenery during the winter or be distracted from what you’re doing by a hot, tanned pair of long legs walkin’ by.

But I digress.

The snow is coming down pretty good right now but I expect it’ll slack off soon and just be a flake or two here and there. It’s been exceptionally warm here so far this winter, I’m talkin’ the 70’s and a couple times we  hit 80+, in November and December. I have been predictin’ that it’ll start snowin’ mid to late January and won’t stop until mid to late April, possibly a little longer, and that thought just breaks my little hillbilly heart.

Drivin’ in the stuff don’t bother me, I don’t like it but the act itself doesn’t bother me. Drivin’ on ice is a tee-totally different thing altogether. I despise ice and it despises me right back. It is a mutual hate kinda thing we got goin’ on.

Luckily, I went to the store the other day for our big grocery shopping and went back today for a few other things, toilet paper and cigarettes mainly. Like always, I ended up with way more that I originally went in for. Then again, I’m hungry and was when I was in the store, which don’t help the matter any a-tall.

Now I believe I will go lay down for a bit, seein’ as how I’ve been up since 1 AM this morning.

Until next time dear friends. Thanks for readin’.

3 thoughts on “First Snow — Oh Yippy

    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      I saw something about that a while back. I’ve not been able to really do any blogging lately due to having to take care of mom so much, but she seems to be getting better, a little anyway, so I should be able to write more often. What’s your SH address?

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