The Witch In The Corner (An Insight)

In the corner of the bedroom,

Where but one can see;

Sits a witch,

With hand on bended knee.

She sits and stares,

With big green eyes;

And the one that sees,

Begins to cry.

She sits she moves,

Across the floor;

And the one that sees.

Cries even more.

She moves at night,

She moves at day;

The one that sees,

Screams “Please go away!”

No one knows,

But the one that sees;

The terror the horror,

The witch in the corner can be.

She cries and cries,

To be left alone;

For the witch in the corner,

To please be gone.

The look of terror,

On her pretty face;

The one that sees,

Her heart will race.

For the one that sees,

Please say a prayer;

So she may find peace

In her sleepless hour.

Thanks for readin’.


PUBLISHED: April 17, 2014

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