Purpose … A Question And An Answer

This post is in response to The Daily Prompt.

2015-07-16-17.00.51_aQuestion: What is my purpose for living, for being here on this earth or even existing in the first place?

As I am now at the ripe old age of 50, I have quite a bit of history behind me and that allows me to reflect on certain events that have taken place during those years. Events that, once put together, becomes an answer of sorts to the question posed.

Starting with my early childhood, watching my mom take care of my grandmother, her mom, who had what is now known as Alzheimers, a very severe form of it, in fact, I learned compassion, patience, responsibility and a deeper form of love.

Even though I had two brothers, it was like I was an only child because they were 16 and 17 when I was born. No, I wasn’t a mistake, I was a “try to save the marriage baby.” It didn’t work because my mom and dad divorced when I was 4. She and I moved back to Virginia and very soon afterward, mom began taking care of my grandmother.

Throughout most of my childhood and even into my teenage years, I told mom that if she ever needed anyone to take care of her, it would be me, that I would never abandon her. As it turned out, that is exactly what happened, and looking back throughout my life, I can see the events that took place that got me to where I am today.

It’s like a puzzle in a way. I can definitely see the plan that God had for me up until this point in my life by the events, good and bad, that I had to live and live through. Sometimes, those events were years apart, sometimes not so much. I will admit that the biggest majority of them were painful and heartbreaking events.

I have come to realize that my purpose right now is to take the best care I can of mom and my six-year-old son.

On the surface that doesn’t seem like a difficult purpose, but dig a little deeper, get past the surface and you will see that it’s a lot more difficult than anyone, other than other caretakers, will ever know, for many reasons.

I proudly accept my purpose in life, for this is what God has given me. It’s said that God will put no more on your shoulders than you can handle. All I can figure out is that He must think I’m superman, but that’s ok too. If it makes me a superhero to do what I have been put here to do, then a superhero I shall be, even if it is only to my mom and sons.

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