Guess What?

After posting my last post, I went researching. What I found out was the fact that I was right about recipe blogs/web sites.

So, in my infinite hillbilly wisdom, I have decided to open a dedicated web site for recipes. I’m going to gather all of the recipes I already have on the other two recipe blogs I started and put them all on the new one and go from there.

In fact, I’ve already started it. I’m working on the blog/site locally on my computer and once my new domain propagates I’ll migrate it from local hosting to the web hosting.

It still gonna be called FatBoy’s Recipes but I am completely redoing the whole thing from the base code up. It’s gonna have a brand new structure and I’m trying my best to make it as interactive as possible instead of having just a static site that people go to, look at and then leave.

I’m gonna network the crap out of it and call on a couple of my friends here to help out with getting it out there.

I want this new venture to be a success. I’m basically putting everything I have into it and using all the knowledge I have gained over the last few years of building blogs, web sites and blogging in general.

If it goes as planned, it’s gonna be a fun journey. One that I hope my followers here will join me on. After all, who doesn’t like recipes?

Sit A Spell And Lemme Know What Ya Think

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