My Hands Are My Life

Everybody uses their hands all day, for almost everything, that is obvious. For me it’s a bit more than that. My current lifestyle and life choices leave me with very few options for any outside activity, therefore the majority of my life is spent indoors and the majority of that consists of cooking, cleaning and computer use, the rest of the time is filled with takin’ care of mom and my 5 year old son, which is a full time job in and of itself.

Everybody knows that to cook, clean or use the computer requires almost total hand use and for me that is very difficult. I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands and a Ganglion Cyst on my left wrist, which just adds to the pain and discomfort.

2015-03-03 09.26.32This is a picture of the Ganglion Cyst on my left wrist. Because of this cyst my index and middle fingers stay mostly numb and periodically cause a lot of pain. I have had this before but it always went away, but not this time. I’ve had this one for several months and it shows no sign of goin’ anywhere.

This, coupled with the Carpal Tunnel makes my days extremely frustrating and disheartening. It is almost impossible for me to hold a fork, knife, glass or anything else for more than a few seconds with either hand. It takes me forever to type a post for the blog, I have to stop every few seconds and get the feelin’ back in my hands and fingers. In short, everything that I do and love to do is made very frustrating and sometimes very painful.

All of that along with a bad Rotator Cuff (Cup) in my right shoulder and Degenerative Disc Disease makes me want to give up and just lay in bed all the time. It’s almost not worth even gettin’ up in the mornin’s ’cause I know what I’m gonna be facin’ durin’ the day. Not exactly a life one would look forward to livin’.

But I persevere, I get up every mornin’, get mom taken care of, get the boy taken care of, make sure they are warm, healthy and happy and then I take time for myself, as much as possible anyway. I dearly love this blog so I push myself through the numbness and pain to actively participate in this community that I have grown to love. It and you are my lifeline to the outside world, to the freedom of life that I can not have right now. Through your stories and pictures I live and it is my hope that by sharin’ my stories and pictures you too find a little bit of happiness and joy.

Thanks for readin’.



My Hands Are My Life was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

4 thoughts on “My Hands Are My Life

  1. Julie the Workaholic

    I am so glad I started following you. For what it’s worth…My husband has Degenerative Disc Disease, as well. His last surgery put him out of work permanently in ’09, and like you? He does the cooking, cleaning, and child care (before the kids grew up and moved out). I totally understand the Ganglion Cyst, too. I have one that comes and goes, and it IS a booger bear when it’s inflamed. I hope yours decides to disappear on its own…

    I am going to read your past posts and try to catch up. 🙂


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      Thank you so much Julie! I appreciate the kind words and the follow. I haven’t had surgery on my back and I really don’t want to, seems like it always makes it worse. I’m going to an Orto Dr. soon and hopefully he’ll take the cyst off and maybe I’ll get some relief from the CTS as well.

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      1. Julie the Workaholic

        You are so welcome! I just read your post about Octavia…We are SO on the same page. Give me some sunny, warm days, and I’m a happy camper!

        I’m not sure surgery is always the answer. There is only so much metal a person can have in their spine. Mostly, he just has to REALLY watch what he does; doc tells him he can speed the process up by overdoing it all the time, or slow it down by using common sense. He’s had four; three anterior and the last was posterior, and they don’t want to be trying to operate any more. So we wait.

        Good luck with the cyst. They are such a pain (literally) when aggravated. And CTS …hopefully you can get some relief. 🙂

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