A Few Memories

Barefoot In The Mud – When I was little there were ditches everywhere along the side of the road, well, they’re still there actually. Durin’ the spring and summer after almost every rain I would take my shoes and socks off and go wadin’ through those ditches. I remember well the feel of the mud squishin’ up between my toes.

Fox Huntin’ – Durin’ my pre-teen and teen age years I would go to my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house almost every weekend and for a few weeks every summer. My Uncle and I would gather up the fox hounds, put em in the back of the truck and take off for some serious fox huntin’. Which, if you’re not familiar with, it basically consists of gettin’ to your destination, turnin’ the dogs loose, buildin’ a campfire and sittin’ around it while listenin’ to the dogs bark as they chased the fox.

Jumpin’ Over The Hill – I know, that sounds like a stupid thing to do and lookin’ back on it, it was. However, at the time it was loads of fun. See, around here we have these weeds that grow tall with fairly large leaves and the stem can get as big as a half inch round and we have a LOT of them. We call em Dairy Weeds although I’m sure that’s not the actual name for them. Anyway, they grow thick on the side of the hills and make a good cushion for a young hillbilly that ain’t got much sense. My friends and I would get as far as we could on the opposite side of the road, run as fast as we could and jump as far out over the edge as we could. Luckily, nobody ever got killed.

Those are just a few of the many memories I have from growin’ up in this small little coal town where we had to make up our own games and trust me, we were very rarely bored.

Thanks for readin’.

A Few Memories was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

2 thoughts on “A Few Memories

  1. Laissez Faire

    My husband and I two or three summers ago decided to roll down a hill …you know like the little kids do. It was a merry ride but oh…we were both dizzy for several minutes after! We don’t remember ever getting dizzy as kids! LOL

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