Summer Dreams

Sometimes I will sit and just stare out the window. I see sunshine, birds, bugs, green trees, grass and a plethora of other summery things that I am currently unable to take part in,

While I’m takin’ all this in, my mind wanders back in time, sometimes to a distant past, sometimes to more recent memories, of summertime fun.

One example is my first ever “real” trip to the beach. The reason I say “real” is because when I was in grade school we made a trip to Williamsburg and durin’ that trip we went to VA Beach, it was cold, dreary and rainin’ and I was little so it didn’t really mean anything to me.

Anyway, It was a few years ago, I was datin’ my soon to be second wife and her family always goes to Myrtle Beach durin’ the summer for a week. It is always a big spectacle and there is usually no less than 8 people goin’. As it happened, I had to work, my vacation wasn’t for some time yet and I couldn’t go for the entire week.

However, when the time came for them to leave we made a plan. I was goin’ to drive my soon to be down in her car, stay for a little while and then come back home and when the weekend came I was goin’ back to spend 2 days on the beach, baskin’ in the sun and just enjoyin’ myself.

Durin’ my short time there on the first leg of the trip was wonderful, we went down to the beach and walked for a little while, it was amazin’ to me and I loved it. Needless to say the time there was way too short and I didn’t wanna come back home and face the boredom that was considered work. I wanted to be THERE, playin’ in the sun and the water, doin’ vacationey things, walkin’ the strip, things that I could not do at home.

I made it back home and spent the week wishin’ that I was back at the beach. I was in almost constant contact with the soon to be and she was sendin’ me pictures of the things they were doin’ and it was killin’ me, but I made it, somehow.

It took me less time goin’ back than it did on the initial trip and it surprised everyone that I had made it back so quickly. Almost as soon as I got there we (my soon to be and I) went straight to the beach. It was dark and late, seein’ as how I’d left right after work that day, but I didn’t care. It was the beach and I wanted to be on it.

The next two days went by way too fast, there was fishin’, shoppin’, and lots of other things that got squeezed into those two days but the most memorable part was the freedom that I felt while I was there. I didn’t have a care in the world and I was in heaven and I couldn’t wait for the next summer to go back.

Those days are gone now, at least for the time bein’. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to go back, stick my feet in the sand and watch the ocean while sippin’ on somethin’ good. Until then, I’ll just have to make do with my memories and get that familiar feelin’ of longing and sometimes regret.

Thanks for readin’.


Editors Note: It has been brought to my attention that this is not in fact the first time I had been to the beach, and it’s true. The very first real beach trip I had was several years ago with my then girlfriend and her kids. It was a magical trip, one that I will never forget. I just wasn’t sure if I should post about that trip or not seein’ as how she’s married now and I wasn’t sure if she would want me to post about it.

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