4 thoughts on “A Little Place I Call Home

  1. edwardkowalski

    I always enjoy these ‘puff pieces’ on the old small towns. I understand the whole revitalize movements from civic leaders. I am torn between the ‘desolate, run down’ view and the ‘chic, new blood’ status. Lived in both places, and have seen how it changes folk.

    Problem is, the quaintness of an abandoned place draws people with a vision (to improve, but also make money). We want our Woolworth 5 & 10c store with real products for 5 cents, but then ask the proprietor, “do you have wifi in here?”


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      Yeah, I just hope that the vision that the “leaders” had at the beginning will remain throughout the whole revitalization project and the people don’t lose sight of our history.


      1. edwardkowalski

        There’ll be plenty of ups and downs as the process progresses. The trick is not to find the extremes at either end (downside, ghost town; upside, town changes name as ‘re-branding’.

        I grew up in Salem, MA and am now in Culpeper, VA (howdy neighbor!). I’m amazed at the identical issues each place deals with, which is probably why I was drawn here. In both locations, I keep seeing folk moving to the bright lights and flashy trappings of the big city.


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