To Be Famous AND On Social Media

OK, we all know that every celebrity has at least one social media account, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or somethin’ else, most of them have one of all the aforementioned.

I understand that now a days this is a necessary evil (I’ve got one of each too, but I’m not a celebrity … yet). And it’s not just your everyday, run of the mill, well known folks either, There are some that have made themselves (almost) famous, little known people that have “worked the system” and have become well known in certain circles through the use of said media.

Anymore, anyone can be a star if you work it right and can manage to get into the right circle of friends. There are those that can propel you to new heights (not unlike WordPress to a certain extent).

What I’m tryin’ to get to in this post is this .. bear with me. For every celebrity or star there are fans that will comment on each and every post they make in the hopes that said star will notice them out of the thousands of comments already there. Sometimes, albeit a very rare case, the star will recognize a comment and say somethin’ back, and this makes the commenters day, week, year or lifetime.

More often than not though the celebrity will post somethin’ and never ever comment on it again, which is just a little snobbish if you ask me. Now I know it would be impossible to answer hundreds of thousands of comments, and to answer one would require answerin’ them all, but come on, even a few would be nice, don’t ya think?

I dunno, maybe when I get famous I will be the same way, although I doubt it, I’ll at least try to answer some of ’em 🙂

Thanks for readin’.


14 thoughts on “To Be Famous AND On Social Media

  1. NotAPunkRocker

    Obviously they are not paying their publicist enough money to actually reply to these posts and tweets! 🙂


  2. edwardkowalski

    Ooh! Public Access Television! A Virginian take on the old 90’s Red Green show. ‘Hanging with the Hillbilly’ starring “the ‘other’ Tim Taylor! Doing chores around a set like the old Clampett home. Different eccentric friends come visit. Each ending has you sneaking into a hidden room set that NASA would be envious of, where you’d do a video blog of the days’ events, providing some good ol’ country wisdom.

    Now that I reread the above, you could probably do this now on YouTube and wait to be discovered.


  3. edwardkowalski

    Just made the mistake of searching for “hillbilly blogger” on YouTube. Didn’t see much on the first page, but there is one guy doing something like I suggest. ‘The Rob Black show’, he’s posted assorted 3 hr (!) clips. Haven’t watched more than a few minutes. Warning – strong language used.

    From what I saw, it’s a good example of how not to do a video blog.


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      Oh if I did a vlog they would be no more that 5-10 minutes tops. I’ve actually really thought about doin’ one.Don’t be too surprised if you see one sooner than later.


  4. melissa nacinovich

    I don’t bother much with celebrities but I’m going to use Norman Reedus as an example. (Daryl from Walking Dead just incase anyone reading this has lived under a rock or threw said rock at their TV for some reason) He will answer and follow fans occassionally. But, He posts a picture of something random and he gets hundreds of “ily” and “follow me” … Hundreds! If there is ever a question or genuine comment there he’d never see it through all the dribble.
    Oh and I think it’s horrible that these people shamelessly beg celebrities to follow them. It’s like their self worth depends on it. Super sad. Nice post btw!
    : )



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