My Weird Obsession With The Weather Channel

twcOK, call me crazy but I dearly love watchin’ The Weather Channel. I think I should have been a meteorologist. I love weather in general but watchin’ TWC is kinda like bein’ in the middle of it. Now I’m not talkin’ about their reality shows or “after 8 programming”, I’m talkin’ about the forecast part of it that you see all durin the day.

My TV pretty much stays on TWC, day and night, I’m one of those weird people that has to have the TV on at night or I can’t sleep, oh and a fan, can’t forget the fan. I go to sleep and wake up with weather or something pertainin’ to it, except if their new show “Catching Hell” is on and that ain’t got a thing to do with weather, just a bunch of spear fishermen gettin’ chased by sharks mostly, which I don’t much care for.

Even mini-me has got to where he will sit/lay and watch it, although he calls it “the news” but he can sure let ya know if they say anything about a thunder storm (he hates thunder.) Even the after 8 shows, he’ll watch those, his favorite was Highway Through Hell, it had “big trucks” on it and he likes “big trucks”.

And no, it ain’t just the gorgeous female meteorologists that are on there neither (ya bunch of pervs) although I will admit to payin’ more attention when they are givin’ the forecast. There’s just somethin’ about a hot woman tellin’ ya about a tornado happenin’ in Oklahoma … just sayin’.

So you can have your Duck Dynasty’s and Game of Thrones, gimme a good weather forcast and I’m one happy hillbilly.

Thanks for readin’.


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