Don’t Follow This Blog On

Please don’t follow this blog on Follow this one instead. The Hillbilly Blogger.

I have gotten several follows on this blog since Harsh Reality reblogged a post from it the other day. I really and truly appreciate the follows, however, I need for you to go to The Hillbilly Blogger and follow there. I will be closing this blog down in time and I don’t wanna lose any of my followers, new or old.

I want to thank everybody once again for the new follows and the patience I’ve had from my old followers.

I will keep this blog open just long enough to make sure I have given everybody the opportunity to get to the new space for The Hillbilly Blogger.

Thanks for readin’ and understandin’!

5 thoughts on “Don’t Follow This Blog On

  1. tripleclicka

    I went to that blog, but I couldn’t find a follow button. Clicked follow on face book and it did not give me the option to follow there either. Sent a friend request, don’t know if that was what I was supposed to do, how do I follow the new blog please????


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      There is a blue follow button at the top of the left hand side and I’m not sure why you could’t follow me on facebook 😦 I’ll look into it right now.


      1. tripleclicka

        I just tried again. The blue button on the top left only lets me click to follow by face book, twitter and whatnot. It won’t let me just follow. I haven’t checked face book again today, but I will right now. This may be why people are still following your old one instead of going to the new one, unless I am the only lagger still?


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