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A Great Big, Huge With A Hug Hillbilly Thank You!

A few days ago, I did a post, which I have since made private because when I re-read it, it felt way too much like whinin’, in which I really opened up to the feelin’s I was havin’ at the time.

Not surprisingly, because I have awesome friends, I got an outpourin’ of support, good feelin’s, comforting thoughts and genuine caring.

I didn’t respond to any of the comments on that post, not because I didn’t care but because I was in such a deep dark place I couldn’t muster any emotion other than pure unadulterated despair and fear. I am quite a bit better now, I am still havin’ panic and anxiety episodes but they are not as frequent now. I actually feel like I can breathe for the first time in forever. I almost feel close to semi-normal.

So instead of goin’ back into that post and replying individually to each comment I wanted to post this Thank You post to everybody that commented on that post. (Think I got the word post in that sentence enough times?)

You all are truly an amazin’ bunch of folks and I truly thank you and appreciate you and that means a lot comin’ from a hillbilly. I feel like, even though none of us have ever met in person, that y’all are part of my family and I am PROUD to say that.

From the comments to the conversations on Facebook, each and every one of you helped me in one of my darkest times in a long time, and for that I am extremely grateful and humbled.

Again and I can’t say this enough ….


Thanks for readin’ and for bein’ my friend,






A Great Big Hillbilly Thank You

Yesterday I posted about this terrible anxiety/panic attack I have been dealin’ with and I got somethin’ unexpected from it.

I got an outpouring of warm thoughts, well wishes and support from awesome friends that I have made while here on WordPress.

I responded to each individual comment but I wanted to make a public post and thank you all for your support and friendship. You have no idea how much each of you helped me and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Y’all are the best!

Thank you from a very grateful Hillbilly …