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Free The Nipple … Hmmm, OK


OK, I have seen this not so new movement gain quite a bit of ground recently, not in small part due to the likes of Miley Cyrus and Storm Willis. From what I can understand, this new interest was sparked by the removal of a picture on Instagram from a celebrity that apparently wanted to show herself topless.

This particular movement is not new, it waxes and wans through time. So far as I know, the only place in the United States where it is legal for a woman to go topless and braless, is New York City and even though it is perfectly legal for ladies to let the puppies loose, you just don’t see it happenin’ a whole lot. Maybe I’m just not lookin’ in the right places, I dunno.

Now for my point of view on this particular subject, which I know this is what y’all have been waitin’ for.

I am a typical male with typical male tendencies. I’m not gonna make no secrets or beat around the bush about this. Most men that I know like boobs … and nipples. They sort of go hand in hand (no pun intended). It wouldn’t bother me one bit for women to be able to go topless if that’s what they so desired. Oh sure, there would be a LOT more starin’ and ooglin’, mainly ‘cause women, well, most women, don’t think like men. They are not drawn to nor interested in the same things.

I go without a shirt almost all the time and I ain’t gonna lie, I got me some man boobs and I don’t see women drivin’ by starin’ at me wide eyed with a look of lust in their eyes. I do see some head shakes though. On the other hand, if I was a woman and did the same thing I would get a whole lot more attention.

Perhaps this is because it’s a forbidden, taboo thing and most humans, male and female, tend to lust after the forbidden. Always have and always will, it’s human nature. Just look at Eve and the apple.

So, should this issue be legalized? Should women be legally allowed to go around in public with no shirt on like men do? Would it be morally and personally acceptable to the general public to have women strutin’ around in all their glory? I don’t know. I personally believe that if a woman wants to go topless when it’s 110 degrees outside just like men then she should be allowed to.

There is also the point of reason. What is the reason a woman would want to go topless? For comfort or vanity? If this ever happened I’m sure it would be just like men’s reasons. There are men with six pack abs, well toned and muscled that go shirtless to been seen and admired. I am not one of those. The reason category that I fall into is for comfort because I am quite sure no woman wants to gawk at my keg and man boobs, and I’m fine with that. I am who I am and I’m comfortable with that, for the most part.

To sum this all up, I have always believed “To each his/her own”. As long as you don’t try to make me believe in the things that you do, do the things you do, go to the places you go and in general just leave me to my own, we will be fine. Go do what you want to do, as long as it ain’t hurtin’ nobody else.

So more power to the women that desire to be foot loose and shirt/bra free. I’ll just be sittin’ here in my little corner of the world watchin’ … and gawkin’ Open-mouthed smile

Thanks for readin’.