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A New Plugin

I have added a new sharing plugin to my new blog, it is supposed to automatically share any new post to my .com blog. If it works I will leave it active for a while, at least until I can get my followers over here to my new blog.

Be patient with me, You’ll probably see a lot of these kinds of posts for a while.

Thanks for readin’.


It didn’t work the first time ’cause I didn’t have it set up … DUH!! Let’s try it again, shall we?


SUCCESS!!!!! Sometimes I just amaze me!

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Your Blog and Facebook: A Happy Couple

As we all know, Facebook is the go to for Social Networking, almost everybody has a Facebook account and everybody will check it at least 3 times a day if not more. Some people, like me, keep it pulled up on their computer all the time. I have became an official Facebook lurk. Also, everybody has at least 100 friends on their friends list, those friends have at least 100 friends and so on. The potential reach for your blog using Facebook can be astronomical.

I touched on this in an earlier blog but I wanted to go into a little more detail. There are a couple of ways you can use Facebook to get your blog views, of course, this is dependent on using WordPress as your blog medium. I’m not sure about other blog sites, I use WordPress exclusively.

You can link to your Facebook Home Page or you can create a Community Page and link directly to that. I have found you get better exposure using the Community Page approach. In case you don’t know how to create a page in Facebook, don’t worry, I’m gonna tell you how, and also how to link your blog and Facebook using the built in Sharing option in WordPress.

Let’s start by creating a Community Page on Facebook.

On the left side of the Facebook newsfeed page, about midway down you’ll see Pages, hover your mouse over the word Pages and “More” will pop up. Click on More.

A new page will come up with the pages you’re subscribed to and an option to Create A Page.


Click the Create A Page button. You will get another new page. On that page click the “Cause or Community” Box.


When you do you’ll see this:


From here name your page and click the I agree box then get started.

Now you come the guts of your page, where all the magic happens. This is the next page you will get:


Go through each step, except number 4 unless you want to pay to promote your page. Once you have that completed you will have your brand new Facebook Page. Now, invite, invite, invite. That’s the key to success. Invite ALL your friends and encourage them to invite theirs. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have good content on your blog so people will want to read it.

Ok, lets make magic in WordPress. On the left side of your Dashbord you have your menu. At the bottom is Settings. Hover over Settings and then click on Sharing.


This page comes up with several options to connect to social media.


Make sure you’re logged in to your Facebook account and click on the “Connect” button. You’ll get something like this poppup:


Your newly created Facebook Page should be listed, just click the radio button beside it and then click the OK button at the bottom of the popup window. (You may have to scroll the popup window down.)

Once you do that you are connected and when you post a blog it will post automatically to your Facebook Page and anyone that has “Liked” your page will see it. If you just want to connect straight to your normal page just click the radio button next to Timeline and it will show up in the news feed.

That’s it, that’s all there is to linking your Blog and your Facebook to make a happy couple. I hope this helped you out and as always …..

Thanks for readin’.


PUBLISHED: March 28, 2014

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