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Like A Dog With A Bone

IMG_20140628_141531My son, this handsome 4 year old with his tongue stickin’ out, is like a dog with a bone when he wants to know somethin’. He won’t ask somethin’ just once and he won’t take an answer unless you tell him at least 15 times, usually in a loud voice.

He can’t say “Daddy?” just once, oh no, it’s a string of Daddy’s, usually 10 or more in a single breath, before I can even start to mutter “What?”

He gets “stuck” most of the time. By “stuck” I mean his brain gets stuck on a subject, or a question and it’s almost like he forgets that he has already been given an answer, multiple times, and he will continue to ask ┬áthe same question or restate a “thing” over and over until somethin’ else grabs his attention, which is extremely often.

But, he’s mine and I suppose he has to learn things some way, why not drive dad ‘nanners in the process?

Oh, just so ya know, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for readin’.