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I Am

2014-11-07 14.15.18I am her protector – For when she is scared and fully believes there is someone trying to get in the house or when she sees a man standing in the corner of her room at night.

I am her comforter – For when she is lost and feels alone in her own home.

I am her memory – For when she can’t remember where she is, what day it is, who people are and when she has already taken her medicine

I am her strength – For when she can’t get out of her chair, stand up, scoot over in the bed or turn the water on and off.

I am her chef – For when she is hungry or forgets to eat.

I am her confidant – For when she remembers something that did or did not happen and she wants to confide in someone. To share her innermost feelings, hopes, dreams and fears with.

I am her nurse – To make sure that she takes her medicine on time, every day. To patch up her little boo-boos that she get’s from time to time. To make sure she is warm and comfortable. To help ease her aches and pains and to assure her that everything is alright.

I am her waiter – For those times that she just doesn’t feel like getting in her wheelchair to go to the kitchen table to eat.

I am her clock and calendar – For when she wants to know what time and day it is.

I am her calm – For when she is frustrated because she can’t remember things. For when she getsĀ 2014-11-01 15.30.26mad because she can’t do the things she used to do with ease.

I am her companion – All of the time but especially those times that she believes that she is alone and nobody cares.

I am her guard – To make sure she is safe and never comes to any harm.

I am her balance – For when she stands up she doesn’t fall down.

I am her weatherman – For the times she wants to know how cold it is or if it’s raining or snowing.

I am her chauffeur – To take her wherever she needs or wants to go.

I am her assurance – For when she wakes up at night confused, not knowing where she is or has had a dream that was all to real to her.

I am all these things and many more.

I am whatever and whoever she needs me to be.

But most importantly ….

I am her son.

Thanks for readin’.