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Dang Hillbilly, Can’t You Type Normal?

That there is a purty good question and the answer to it is  …. drum roll please … Yes, yes I can when I want to.

For instance, if you’ll notice in most of my posts I will cut the last letter off of a lot of words, that’s simply because my normal typing style is to type the way I talk, and I do not talk in a proper fashion. My hillbilly slang is deep and my dialect is heavy but that doesn’t mean that I can’t talk and type normally when I want to.

Well, normally for most people. My normal is most certainly not your normal, but I can acclimatize myself to almost any situation when needed. But you see, it’s not needed here on my blog, simply because it is my blog and I can type any way that I choose to. From what feedback I’ve gotten so far, people actually enjoy the way I type, I even had a fellow blogger comment to me that they loved my “writing voice”, that made me feel good.

But I wanted to give you an example and prove to you that I can indeed type in a proper fashion when I want to.

Shew!! That was hard to do, but by golly I went and done it and now you see, I’m not just your average hillbilly, I’m a talented one too 🙂 I typed all that and didn’t one time shorten one word and now that I’m tryin’ to find words to actually shorten I can’t, so I’m gonna stop now.

Thanks for readin’.



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