One Step Forward, et. al.

Well, I made a HUGE boo-boo. I originally worked for two days to get the following result:

It may not look like it, but there’s quite a bit of work in that picture. There’s just one itty-bitty problem with it. Blender won’t import a 2017 Sketchup file. Now here’s the funny part, I originally began this project in Sketchup 2016 because of a different add-on I was going to use and I thought Blender would do what it was supposed to do if I used SU 2017, so I saved this file in SU 2017.Big no no there. SOOO …..

I had to start all over this morning, again in SU 2016. In a way, I’m kinda glad I did, because I changed a few things as far as measurements and such goes and cleaned it up a bit. So here is what I’ve got done today. I’ll start adding floors, holes for doors and windows and maybe start on the kitchen cabinets tomorrow.

I know it looks a whole lot the same but it’s not, there are quite a few differences, most not easily detectable by looking at a picture.

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