Slight Change In Plans

Ok, I know I posted day before yesterday with a picture of a room and said that was the beginning of a new house. That was mainly because of a plug-in that limited me in it’s use, I won’t get technical as to how it limited me, but as I said yesterday, I would only be able to build one room, maybe two, at a time.I was stumbling around Youtube yesterday evening and ran across this tutorial video and this guy was using an add-on that was exactly what I was looking for and needed, so I went searching. After a few Google searches and head scratches, I found it and of course downloaded it.At the time, I thought it would only work with the previous build of Blender, so I went and downloaded version 2.77, which we’re on 2.78a now. Funny thing, turns out it actually works with the new version too.SO …..I completely changed my mind as far as using Sketchup goes and now I’m going to build the complete house, because the new add-on will allow me to export the whole thing over to Blender. Of course, it will still be done in parts, but the bulk of the building can be done all at once.I’m adding a picture of the very beginning of the build below. I just started on it today because I’ve been sick, (still am actually) and haven’t felt like messing with it.So here we go … it soesn’t look like much at this stage. I’m just starting to line it out, making all the base measurements and such. The next update will look a bit different.

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