The Proposed House

After much searching and consideration, I have decided on a house to build for my Game Test House. Part of the reason I chose this house is it’s openess and I really like the way it’s laid out. The site I got the plans from also had many pictures for reference, which is always a plus.My intended goal is to build this house, furnish it, decorate it, everything that a real house would have done to it in order to live in it, in 3D, and the final result will be virtual house you can walk in from the outside and walk all the way through, look and walk in every room and to make it look as real as possible.With my current computer, I’m not real sure how realistic that will end up being, because, although it’s not a whimpy computer, it’s also not built for heavy rendering of 3D enviroments.One more thing. Later today, I am going to upload a small, very raw demo to Youtube, showing the first step of what a “player” will be able to do. It’s not gonna be spectacular or anything, but it will kinda’ give an idea of the movement of the “player”. Anyway, below are a couple of pictures of the intended build, exterior only right now.


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