Uneasy Optimism For January 20, 2017

Uneasy Optimism For January 20, 2017


Will The Inauguration For President Elect Donald J. Trump Be Catastrophe Free? I have to admit, as I sit here in my humble little home, safe and secure, anticipating the pending inauguration in just 6 days, I have a feeling of unease. With everything that has been brought to the forefront of Americas attention in the last few days, like, senate members planning to boycott the inauguration,…

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4 thoughts on “Uneasy Optimism For January 20, 2017

  1. rixlibris

    In February, 1968, AP correspondent Peter Arnett, quoting an unknown soldier concerning the attack on Ben Tre in Southern Vietnam, famously said, “it became necessary to destroy the town in order to save it.” Metaphorically we are at a similar historical crossroad. A Federal government operating within the strict limits of The Constitution would be an exercise in simplicity but would not provide opportunity for personal power and enrichment. Mr. Trump campaigned on a platform of completely overturning the game of government as it is currently being played. We shall see.

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    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      Well stated. You are right, that is exactly the platform he ran on, I am, by nature, skeptical and most especially concerning the government. There are, at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, a lot of things going on, dating all the way back to the first bombing of TWTC. As you say, let’s see if PE Trump holds to his word.

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  2. rixlibris

    I share your skepticism. I question anyone who willingly gives up more than they get in any bargain. Mr. Trump has sacrificed something irreplaceable, freedom of movement and any vestige of privacy for the rest of his life, to gain the position of POTUS for a few short years. As to TWTC, you sound almost as if you don’t believe that jet fuel could burn hot enough to so warp buildings that they would fall within their own footprint, and have a similar effect on adjacent buildings not subjected to the direct burn. Have another sip of Kool-Aid while you think that over.

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