Open your mind logoOpen – the opposite of closed. A versatile word used in many different ways to describe things, whether material or philosophical.

You open a door, a window, a jar, a can. You also open your heart, mind, way of thinking, etc. Some folks have a hard time opening certain things.

I’m takin’ a big chance here by postin’ this, but I’m goin’ to anyway.

Take me for instance. I don’t agree with or condone gay marriage or the gay lifestyle. I don’t have anything against folks that are gay, I have a couple of friends, even family members, that live that lifestyle. I just don’t agree with it.

I’ve been told to “open my mind” about it, but I just can’t. To me, it goes against nature, not to mention the Good Book.

My heart breaks for those poor souls that were killed or injured down there in Orlando, regardless of their choice of lifestyle. Nobody should have to die that way and had I been there with a gun, I would have been the first to shoot that bastard right between the eyes.

To open my mind to that way of livin’ would be equivalent to openly agreeing with it, which I just can’t and won’t do. If folks want to live their life that way, then so be it. I believe it’s wrong, but again, that’s my belief.

I’m not judgin’ folks either, ’cause it ain’t my place to judge ’em, just like I try not to judge folks that cheat on their husbands or wives. That one is a little hard to do ’cause it’s happened to me more’n once.

I’ve been called ‘Shallow” and “Intolerant” ’cause I happen to believe a different way than folks that are gay. I disagree with that, ’cause if I was intolerant I wouldn’t be havin’ anything to do with gay folks. I don’t think I’m shallow, ’cause I give ’em the same amount of respect I do anybody else.

To basically sum it up: I’m a hillbilly, I was raised goin’ to church, to believe in the Good Book, to do right by folks and to have some manners. I think I’ve done a pretty good job livin’ up to my raisin’. I’m not perfect, nobody is, although there are times that I wished I was.

I hope I didn’t offend anybody with this post, if I did then I’m sorry, but that’s just the way I believe.

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