Past – Present – Oh Lord Help Us

10296885_10154250076760010_92392639121363408_nAs I’ve mentioned my young days in more than a few posts, even told a couple stories from back in the day, my oldest young’un, Jordan, gave me this here idea for this post a few days back. I’ve been stewin’ on it, tryin’ to figger out just how I wanted to put it, so as it don’t come out all jumbled up.

From the title up yonder, I’m sure you have figgered out by now that this post is gonna have somethin’ to do with my raisin’. You’d be partially right. In my post on the subject Playful, I noted that I feel sorry for the young’uns of today and that prompted my oldest to bring up a pretty good point.

Ya see, he basically said that things were so much different now than they had been back when I was growin’ up. In his words:

It’s terrifying as a parent to think about letting their kid roam too far. With the world it is today a creeper isn’t too far and won’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of a kids curiosity. Outdoor play is encouraged however I won’t be too far or will be engaging with our son on his activities.

Way back in the mid to late 70’s it was nothin’ to see a gaggle of young’uns, totally unsupervised, runnin’ up and down these hollers. Even by themselves it was a common sight to see.

Parents didn’t have to worry their heads off about us because they knew that we would be looked after by neighbors and, well, everybody all up and down the hills. In fact, if I did something I wasn’t supposed to do, and we all know I never did, I got scolded all the way home if I was lucky enough to make it past my Uncle Lyndsey’s house. If not, well then I got a little more than a scoldin’.

Us young’uns could go out first thing in the mornin’ and not set foot back inside the house till near dark, and our folks didn’t think nothin’ of it. The older we got, the darker it got, but that’s a story fer another post.

My point is, there was no reason for our folks to worry. It was a rare thing for anybody to lock their doors at night or when they went away. Durin’ the summer, it was common for the “big” door to stay open all night and just lock the screen door so the wind wouldn’t blow it open and let any night critters in.

That cool night mountain air breezin’ through them screen doors felt like air conditioning to us. Every window in the house was open too, which reminds me of another story for ya, but I’ll get to that later.

Now-a-days you can’t even trust yer neighbors as far as you can throw ’em, especially in the city. It’s not quite as bad here in the mountains, but still, we have to lock our doors at night and if a young’un is outside playin’, well you better just keep an eye on ’em.

And Lord help us in the future. With things goin’ the way they are in Washington DC and all over this world, it’s hard to tell what we’ll have to do just to keep the little ones safe.

But I still stand by my feelins’ about the young’uns today, not knowing what it’s like to just get out and run and play all day with nary a care in the world. It’s heartbreakin’ to say the least. I guess those long, hot summer days of my youth will always stay with me, and in my mind at least, that’s the way it oughta’ be.

8 thoughts on “Past – Present – Oh Lord Help Us

  1. amommasview

    I agree with you, it’s sad. I remember the times we just took off with our bikes (or on foot) and went wherever we wanted to go, just knowing we had to be back by a certain time. I remember going out on picnics with my best friend, just the two of us. Now I would not let my son do this without adult supervision.
    I’m not sure if life was safer, if there were less threats around, less creeps. Maybe it’s as simple as not having known about it. Media was different. Not everything got reported. Now we know everything from everywhere. If a child gets abducted in the USA we know about it more or less at the same time in Australia because of social media or the way media works in general. Back in the 70’s or 80’s it was not the case.
    I’d love for my kids to be able to roam free the way we did but I simply won’t let them. Too much happening. Too much that scares me. And I prefer having them safe rather than being sorry.

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    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      That’s it exactly. I wished my little one could experience the freedom and genuine thrill of making discoveries the same way I did. My oldest had a little more freedom than kids today, but not much. Thanks so much for the read!!

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  3. wscottling

    I remember those days too. I also remember letting my kids out in the 1980’s and letting them play, but even then, I worried when they went out of sight. Here in our little town in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, I still see kids out and about without parental supervision. But we still lock our doors at night. The big city is just down the road, you know, and those city folk like to steal our stuff. ^_^

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    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      My oldest son was able to gt out and have more freedom when he was young, but like you, we watched him pretty close! Thank you for the read and you’re right about them thar city slickers 😉

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