A Common Hillbilly Boo-Boo

SnuffI am a Snuff (Smokeless Tobacco) dipper. I have been one since my pre-teen years and chewed tobacco before that.

When I was just a little hillbilly I made the same mistake that most little hillbilly’s do when they’re just toddling around. See, back in the day, folks that chewed would use open top cans, like empty vegetable can and such, to spit in.

They would have these cans sittin’ beside ’em on a table or in the floor beside the chair. Now, on the rare occasion, when family was around and everybody was in a big way of talkin’ and goin’ on, they didn’t pay too much attention to us little ones, or their spit cans neither.

Well, when I was around the innocent age of 5 or 6, I got it in my head to pick up a can that was  sittin’ on a table and take a drink. I was thirsty and didn’t know no better, until it hit my tongue. I was so sick for the longest time, felt like forever to me. You woulda’ thought that woulda’ broke me right then and there on the use of tobacco. It didn’t.

So anyway, about the Boo-Boo this post is supposed to be about, which kinda goes along with the story I just told ya.

On my desk, near my right hand, is two things, My bottle of water and my spit can. Now I don’t use an open top can like back in the day, mine has a lid on it and everything. It’s actually a Nestle Coffee-Mate bottle/jar/can, whatever you wanna call it.

Anyhow, a few minutes ago I was sittin’ here, waitin’ on lilman to get home from his other Nana’s, just browsing around on here and Facebook, and went to spit. It just so happened that I actually caught myself before I did spit, ’cause I had my bottle of water in my hand, lid off, lips puckered to let it go.

Shew! That was a close one, because what would have happened is I would have spit in it and then, not thinkin’ a thing about it, I would have picked the water bottle up and drank it, or maybe not actually swallowed it, but it woulda’ been close.

I’ve done it before, many times actually. You’d think a man of my raisin’ and smarts would have better sense than that. Well, it’s a hillbilly thing. I’d be willin’ to bet that there ain’t one, ok maybe one or two, but that’s it, person around these parts that chew or dip what ain’t done the very same thing I was about to do.

Now I know this post might gross out some of you ladies or fellers with a weak stomach and all, but I just had to post about this.

Is there anything you did in your younger years that you might not ought to have done? Let me know.


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