Fatboy’s Recipes

AboutWell, I have been working on my updated recipe blog for a few days and I think I like it better than any recipe blog I’ve made so far.

Fatboy’s Recipes is officially open for business. I’ll be adding more recipes every day or so. The number of recipes are growing rapidly so make sure to follow the blog.

There is a Follow Button that will work just like the follow button on your .com blog and will show up in your reader when I add a new post(s). There’s also an Email Follow option and a Newsletter Subscription, which I will use periodically for any blog design update or announcements.

I also have a Contact Page where you can send me your own recipes or just to tell me something.

Keep in mind though, when I start adding recipes, I add quite a few at a time. The reason I told you that is because I don’t want you to fuss at me for filling up your Reader. I don’t like to be fussed at.

So, if you like to cook and trying new things then stop by and check it out!

Thanks so much!

2 thoughts on “Fatboy’s Recipes

  1. actualconversationswithmyhusband

    Mmmmm….. foodporn.

    You don’t understand: there’s a good ol’ southern girl in me who’s not allowed to make food decisions (she puts gravy on just about everything) who will be watching this VERY closely. She’s already whining at me about that baked potato casserole.

    Liked by 1 person


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