This is my first ever post from my phone. Why am I doing it on my phone? Well, I’m outside!! Now, that may not seem like a big deal at all but for me it is.

I made supper (dinner for you yanks) and came out to check on lilman and decided to stay ’cause it’s cooler out her than in the house. So, I went in and got mom and here we are.

I was gonna add a picture but it won’t let me upload on my phone.

Yay for me!

7 thoughts on “Outside?!?

  1. jpeters6248

    You can add photos from your phone. The edit bar that appears above the keyboard wheb you start on the body of you blog allows you to add links, make your words bold or italics, make bullet points or add photos with the button that looks like a photo with a plus sign in the corner. I usually add the photos to my blogs from my phone because then I can skip the step of uploading them to my computer first. I hope that helps for when you decide to post from your phone again.๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Holly

    Are you using the app for WP or the mobile internet site? One is definitely easier than the other (though neither is ever really easy at all sometimes)

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