Smooth Country Sounds

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The view off of my back porch.

Livin’ in the country, especially in the mountains, you can hear all manner of sounds, usually at night when the critters come out to play.

Critters like skunks, possums, frogs, night birds, bats, etc. If you be real still, you can hear the night come alive.

The smooth sounds of the night in the country are mesmerizing. No matter how long I have lived here, they never get old. Over time you learn what each sound is and how it contributes to the symphony being played.

A dear friend of mine and I have this little contest each spring, although we have no control over the outcome what-so-ever. She lives in northern Virginia, the citified part and I live in southwestern Virginia, the country part. Basically we live on opposite ends of the state.

Each spring we each want to be the first one to hear the frogs start singing at night. Now, you would think, with me being in the country that I would always hear them first. Not so. This year she heard ’em first.

My point to that little story is this. When you start hearing the frogs you know spring is here or almost here if the frogs get a little too anxious. The sound they make on a still, quiet night is soothing to the soul if you let it be.

Another sound that’s not so smooth but sorta is in it’s own way. The sound a cicada makes and this is supposed to be the 13 year cycle for them. For a couple of months in mid to late summer they can get so loud it’s almost hard to hear anything else if you’re outside or near a swarm of ’em.

Another thing about country livin’ is the smooth pace in which most country folks spend their lives. There are some that live at a faster pace, but for the most part we’re an easy goin’, take it as it comes kinda folk.

It’s bred in us, it’s in our blood. It’s like that Alabama song, Born Country. If you’ve never heard it then you need to listen to it. In fact, you can do so right here, I’ve inserted it in the post, just for you.

As for myself, I wouldn’t have it any other way, unless we’re talkin’ about a beach, then I would have it that way.

What are some things that are smooth in your part of the world?

Alabama: Born Country

2 thoughts on “Smooth Country Sounds

  1. Byron Hill

    Thanks for mentioning our song in your Blog. Every now and then something cool like this pops up and “Born Country” gets mentioned. It is nice to know it touches home for you and others. If your readers are interested in the story behind the song, they can go to my website and check it out. Thanks again!
    -Byron Hill (Nashville)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      Thanks for the read Byron! Born Country has hit home for me ever since it first aired. It’s an awesome and true song, which is part of the reason I like it so much.



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