What Am I In The Mood For Today?

Well, let’s see.

I had plans to go to the auto parts store and buy a battery for “my” car that isn’t mine yet and not too sure when it will be mine.

However, like always, those plans got changed because mom’s aide had to go to the doctor, supposedly, and now I’m stuck in the house, like every day of my pathetic little life. Now I don’t know when I’ll be able to go, if at all.

It’s just “Par for the course” in my life.

What else is there for me to do? Hmm …

I could work on my Sketchup project … Nah, not in the mood for that right now. What else … There’s always one of many blogs I could work on, but again, I’m not in the mood. Anything else?….

I know! Go get in the bed and let this day just pass on by,  but I can’t really do that either because mom will need me for something about 40 seconds after I get comfortable.

I know what I would like to do.

I would like to be somewhere quiet and secluded with a certain someone, spending time together the way we used to. But once again, that is not to be either.

Yes, this blog has turned into my “bitch” blog for the time being. I started to make a new one but that’s too much trouble for me to even contemplate seriously right now.

Anyone else feelin’ the way I do? Let me know and we can have us a bitch session.

2 thoughts on “What Am I In The Mood For Today?

  1. Holly

    I’m with you. It’s cold, rainy, nobody at work is being cooperative, I”m trying to figure out paying for my kid’s classes and I’m mad that a certain someone is out of my life again…probably a good thing, but still, it bites when it happens.

    In other words, bitch away.

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