I Really Don’t Like Doing This, But …

I’m desperate and honestly need the help. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. Share this on your blog if you would.

Hello, my name is Tim Taylor and I am raising money to get a vehicle on the road in order to properly take care of my elderly mom and have reliable transportation for my 6-year-old son, in case an emergency were to arise or I would have to get him to a doctor.

My mom is 89 years old and has Vascular Dementia, which is progressively getting worse. She has regular doctor appointments as well as specialist appointments, like Neurology, ENT and others. Taking care of her is a 24/7 job because she can not be left alone.

My brother, who’s car I used to get mom to her appointments as well as go to the grocery store and other essential errands, passed away on May 4th, 2016 and his daughter took his car with her because he wanted her daughter, his granddaughter, to have it.

My brother had another car but it isn’t running and I was given that car, but it needs some work to get it on the road.

I will use the money to repair the car and to pay for tags and registration. I need this money as soon as possible because my mom has some upcoming appointments that she absolutely has to go to.

I have to have a vehicle in order to properly take care of mom. It is possible that if I am unable to properly care for her and get her to her appointments, the state can remove her from the home and place her in some kind of assisted living, which she absolutely does not want to do.

I would be so grateful for any help you may be able to give and it would take a lot of worry and fear away for both of us.

Thank you so much!

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