May Day

That is what they call the first day of May, isn’t it?

Well, regardless, it’s amazing to this ‘ole hillbilly that May is already here. It seems like only yesterday it was January, it was cold and I was lookin’ forward to summertime.

We didn’t really have a winter here in my corner of Southwest Virginia. Oh, it was cold but as far as snow goes, well, it wasn’t all that much. I think it actually snowed three times where we got some accumulation. That fact did not hurt my feelings at all, mainly because I hate winter and cold weather.

Anyway, is it just me, or does it seem like time is literally flying by? I know when I was a youngster that it seemed like it took forever for winter to go away and the first warm days of spring to arrive. The summers seemed a lot longer too.

Maybe it’s just because I’m gettin’ old now, or the fact that I have no life to speak of and I spend 90% of my life sitting here in front of this computer so I can be close to mom in case she needs me and still have something to do so I don’t go completely insane.

Whatever the reason behind it, I don’t like it, except for the seemingly short winter. I just hope that summer lasts a little longer this year and situations coalesce so that I might be able to enjoy some of it.

Sit A Spell And Lemme Know What Ya Think

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