Hillbilly’s New Project

Now that don’t sound like me at all, does it?? I mean, a new project? Me?? Puhleaze!!

Seriously, though, when you get over your shock and wipe the tears of merriment from your eyes and are able to focus properly on your screen again ….

If you have never heard of the software from Google, called Sketchup, you’re missing out. Well, you are if you like to work in 3D environments building things. If you don’t care for that kinda stuff, then well, there’s just something wrong with you.

Let your perceptive little eyes wander up to the top of this page, where the menu lives. There you will notice a brand new link called “My Sketchup Projects”. Now, there’s not a lot there right now because I just started it last night, not working with Sketchup but the site. I’ve been using Sketchup off and on for a few years, but recently my interest in it has flared up again, and we all know what that means … A brand new blog for the hillbilly!!

Please, you can stop rolling your eyes and shaking your collective heads now. Hey, look at it this way, I care enough about all my followers to share all of my adventures with you. Now you gotta admit, that’s pretty darn sweet of me.

So, if ya care to, click on that link up there and just go check it out. You can either follow that blog, which would be so totally awesome of you to do, or get to it from here, which would be nice but not nearly as awesome. Also, for your convenience, and because I’m so nice and all, I have created a “Front Door Blog” here on WordPress.com. You could follow that one too, it won’t have everything on it but it will update when I update the real blog. You can find that one here.

So, there you have it. You can thank me later 😉


Sit A Spell And Lemme Know What Ya Think

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