A Blending Of Self-Hosted and .Com For WordPress

OK, I just had a really good idea, not sure if it’s a new idea or not but I haven’t heard or read about it anywhere.

If you’re like me and love having the freedom of a self-hosted WordPress site but also love the community that you can only get by having a site here on WordPress.com, why not combine the two for the best of both worlds?

Here’s how it works. You have your main address here at the .com site and also have a self-hosted site. You create here just like you normally would with your theme and also post here,(you also have the option to post on the self-hosted site and have it re-post here with a plugin.) On the self-hosted site, you could have a wonderful gallery if you have a lot of pictures, a custom contact page and all the other really great and neat stuff you can do with your creative freedom.

As you know, if you’ve followed me very long at all, that I have tried going the self-hosted only route a couple of times. It just don’t work unless you have the time to set up elaborate SEO, referrers and already have a decent following on other social media sites that you can draw an audience from. There are other factors that go into it and unless you’re just in it to make money, self-hosted only is really not the way to go.

I do think that blending the two together though makes sense if you love blogging but feel restricted by the limitations of the .com site. I’m using this idea already on Living In A Glass Cage, so far all I have right now is a custom Contact Page but plan on adding more things in the future as I need them. I also plan on combining THB as well. The sky is the limit and I plan on seeing just how high I can fly.

Do you think this is a good idea or no? Let me know in the comments.

10 thoughts on “A Blending Of Self-Hosted and .Com For WordPress

    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      LOL, It’s not for everybody for sure and if you’re happy and satisfied with what ya got then that’s great! I, on the other hand, like to fiddle way too much, but I guess you could say I’m creative too, I like to see what I can do 😀

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    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      Yes it is Gary but that the beauty of this idea, let the .com do all the hard work as far as post and theme upkeep, comments, all the aggravating stuff and just use the self-hosted for the fun stuff.

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