I’m Back On WordPress … Sorta

I have decided to come back to WordPress and post here instead of my self-hosted blog. However, there probably won’t be that many posts here on THB for a while.

I am going through an extremely rough time right now dealing with my Panic, Anxiety and Depression and I have been, and will be for the time being, posting there. If you would like to follow along I would be honored to have you. The name of that blog is Living In A Glass Cage.

I will go ahead and warn you, there is nothing happy or upbeat about it. I delve deep into my mental issues there and pretty much just let it all out. If you’re not interested that kind of thing then you probably won’t like it. In a nutshell, it’s depressing, it’s truth, it’s raw … it’s me.

It is not a self-help blog but if someone out there is going through the same thing then at least they will know they’re not alone.

I will post here on THB again, or at least I hope to. You may be asking yourself “why didn’t you just post about that stuff here instead of making a new blog?” Well, I didn’t want to mix my mental health issues with this blog, which is meant to be a happy place for me and right now, I’m not happy, at all.

So, don’t give up on THB and if you’re curious, come on over to LIAGC. Who knows, ya might learn a thing or three.

7 thoughts on “I’m Back On WordPress … Sorta

      1. Ritu

        Always Tim, we all need down time, some more than others, and it’s up to us to be accepting and supportive to each other, after all we reached out via these blogs, its only fair right?

        Liked by 1 person

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