Our Flag, Our Heritage, Our History and Our Right

As most of you know, I don’t talk about politics very often, it’s one of the two subjects that I try to avoid commenting on, religion being the other. Not for fear of hurting someones feelings or because I’m afraid of what might be said or perceived by my comments and opinions, but because I don’t have the time nor inclination to argue about them.

I am on the complete opposite end of the Political Correctness spectrum as well. If I say or write something that rubs someone the wrong way or hurts their feelings then bless their little hearts. All i can say to people like that is to grow up, get a life and quit being such a pansy ass little bitch.

And that dear friends brings me to the subject of this post. The blatant attack and subsequent removal of the Confederate Flag from the grounds of the South Carolina capital grounds.

I’m pissed off. I’m discouraged and I’m disgusted. Yet again, because of the actions of a deranged, disillusioned, self centered, ignorant lunatic, the heritage of the south has been dealt another humiliating blow.

I will say now and will always believe strongly, I am a Southern Citizen, I was born this way and I will die this way. I’m proud of my southern heritage, the history that I share with so many others is, like always, being distorted and dragged through the  mud by selfish, uneducated people. Like sheep, they follow whoever they perceive to be their shepard, usually the one with the loudest voice and the most money.

Instead of taking the time and sparing the energy to educate themselves on a subject, especially a controversial subject like the Confederate Flag and the Civil War, they willingly listen to and believe whatever makes them the most comfortable and pitches them in with the majority. They don’t want to stand out or be a free thinking individual for fear of being unpopular or politically incorrect. They believe in strength in numbers and that makes it right, no matter what the truth really is.

They like to hide behind common perceptions, whether false or true. People like this disgust me.

I have read, over the last few days, so many hypocritical, uneducated statements concerning the South and our heritage. Over and over again have I seen the statements, “If you revere the Confederate flag, then you’re nothing but a racist pig that condones slavery.” “The Confederate flag stands for slavery and the oppression of black people.”  Oh, and this one from his exalted highness, Barack Obama, “The Confederate flag belongs in a museum.”

Allow me to do something that a lot of people are unwilling to do, share a little bit of truth with you. What I’m getting ready to tell you isn’t speculation, it isn’t my opinion, it isn’t here-say. It is documented facts and it is a small part of the REAL history of the Civil War.

Fact 1. At the time of the Civil War, only 6% of the southern land owners owned slaves.

Fact 2. There were free black people living in the south.

Fact 3. Some of those free black people owned slaves themselves.

Fact 4. There were black regiments in the Confederate army fighting for the south.

Fact 5. These black soldiers were treated better than those of the union army.

Fact 6. The cessation of the states was not because of slavery in and of itself. It was because the federal government was trying to take away the Constitutional Rights of the Southern States. Slavery actually played a very small part in the overall conflict.

Fact 7. Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator,  actually didn’t care about slaves. In fact, he had a plan to ship all the freed slaves to South America, because Africa wouldn’t accept them back into it’s culture.

Fact 8.  battleThis flag never flew as a national flag. This flag is a battle flag, carried by the armies of Northern Virginia and Tennessee, among others. It was also used as the Naval Jack by the Confederate Navy. It was never, not once, flown on a slave ship. The actual name for this flag is The Southern Cross.



3rd Fact 9. This is the national flag of the Confederate States. It is one of 3 that was made. The first flag was rejected because it too closely resemble the flag of the union and was confusing to soldiers during battles. The second flag was rejected because it looked too much like a flag of surrender if the wind wasn’t blowing and the flag wasn’t flying. Finally, this flag was agreed upon and hence became the official national flag of The Confederate States of America.

american revolution flag Fact 10. This is the flag of the United States at the time of the civil war. This is the flag that flew over slave ships that originated, docked and were from the north. Mainly New Hampshire shipping companies from the United States were involved in the slave trade.


Fact 11. There were slaves in the northern states. The famous Emancipation Proclamation only concerned the slaves in the south. The northern slave would remain slaves.

These are facts! Look them up for yourself if you don’t believe me. However, I know there are some people that act like 5 year old children and will argue that black is white and up is down, regardless of the incontrovertible proof that is presented to them.

Yes, it is true that hate groups like the KKK and the neo-Nazis, skin heads and other groups have usurped our flag for their own disgusting, hateful purposes. We, the true southerners, do not condone this blatant misuse of our flag in any way. These groups have single handedly  destroyed the true meaning and symbolism of the Confederate Flag, and now, those of us that know the real meaning and purpose of it have to deal with the repercussions of acts that we had nothing to do with.

The people of the south do not in any way, shape or form condone slavery or any form of slavery. The biggest majority of us believe that slavery was wrong and should never have been allowed to start with. It is true that there are people in the south that are in fact racist, but the same holds true for the north. It is not just a southern thing.

It is way past time for some people to get educated on this subject. We in the south are once again being oppressed. Our rights are being trampled on and disregarded. We are being used just like we were before and during the Civil War. Our voice can’t be heard over the roar of deceit.

As for myself, I honestly wished that we had won the civil war. Not because it meant slavery would have remained legal, far from it. I’m not racist, some of my best friends are black, hell, I’ve even got family members that are black. I believe in equal rights for all citizens of the United States, no matter their race, religion or belief system. We were all created by God, in his image and that is a fact, whether you believe in God or not. I’m not going to get into a religious debate, that’s not what this post is about.

I thank you for reading this unusually long post and I hope with all my heart that it has shed some much needed light on this most controversial subject. A subject that should not be in controversy at all. But ….

“History is written by the victors …”


4 thoughts on “Our Flag, Our Heritage, Our History and Our Right

  1. deb harvey

    i often tell people who will listen that lincoln did not free the slaves, when he did it was only for politics,not compassion.
    i also try to point out that the phrase ‘sold DOWN the river’ refers to northerners’ behavior, not Southerners’ behavior.
    history is written by the victors, and is being rewritten or erased today, especially in the public schools.

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    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      You are right. If people would just take the time to educate themselves and open their eyes to the real truth, this wouldn’t be happening. Thanks for the read!


  2. Luther M. Siler

    Think real hard about the fact that the KKK’s demonstrating in favor of the flag, man. And maybe read some of the articles of secession, which are all about how awesome slavery is and how they’re seceding because of it. You’re in the wrong morally and historically here. Let it go.


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      I disagree completely Luther. The fact that a hate group, which I and 99% of southerners hate and despise, one that we do not support in any way form or fashion is demonstrating using our flag, which they usurped by the way, is something we can’t control. Believe me, we would if we could.

      The southern states seceded because the government was infringing on their state rights as sovereign states, yes slavery was the issue but the REASON was infringement. It is true that it is difficult to separate the two unless you approach the issue with an open mind and open eyes. No southerner, other than those that are involved with hate groups, advocates slavery and we’re not proud of that part of our history but you must realize and concede that the north also had slaves, it wasn’t confined to the south. You also must concede that the main reason Lincoln decided to go to war with the south was because he knew the government and the north could not survive without the money and goods that were produced in the south. In fact, it is recorded in history that he said just that. Also, another fact that is recorded in history is Lincoln really could have cared less for the slaves one way or another. He had plans to ship them all to South America because Africa wouldn’t accept them back into it’s culture.

      What about the fact that it was the Africans themselves that were selling their own people to slave traders, and those very same slave traders were northern merchants. No southern ship ever participated in the slave trade and the Confederate flag never flew over a slave ship, the American flag did, many times.

      To us, the flag does not stand for slavery, bigotry or white supremacy. Unfortunately it is perceived as such by people that have hate in their hearts instead of understanding and a willingness to learn and educate themselves.

      It all basically comes down to one simple point of view. If you or anyone else doesn’t like the Confederate flag, that is your God given and constitutional right. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and beliefs. I saw that you supported gay marriage, was in fact glad that it got passed by SCOTUS. That is your right, I have no problem with that. I however completely disagree with it, I don’t believe in it and I will not ever support it. I’m not homophobic as long as gay people don’t try to force their beliefs and convictions on me. I have friends that are gay and if they’re happy with their lifestyle then more power to ’em.

      The confederate flag to me stands for independence from tyranny, the freedoms granted to me by the constitution of the United States, honor in the memory of the thousands of lives that were lost in a senseless war because the government wanted more power than was afforded them by the constitution, just like today.

      I will stand by my beliefs, my convictions and my flag. I am not morally or historically wrong, because I have looked beyond the history of slavery, deeper into the history of the south.

      Yes, slavery was a part of that history, but it was and is a part of the north’s history as well and that can never be changed, just overlooked and swept under the rug because, as I said, History is written by the victors.



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