My Final Response To Stupidity

Since this has been an ongoing situation and certain parties like to post things, I though that I would, in the spirit of things, do the same.

This will be the final post pertaining to this situation on my part. After this, I’m movin’ on, but I did wanna share it with y’all.

It is my followup comment to a comment I received on my post Troll Bridge last week. I will refrain from posting the original comment, however, if you would like to see what prompted this followup, please feel free to go read it for yourself.

Lemme know if ya think this was over the top.

“You know what? You’re just plain ignorant and a total waste of my time. I do not feel the need to read your continuous, childish ranting and ravings about something that happened almost a year ago. There is something seriously wrong with you. Let it go for God’s sake. I could care less about how many followers you have and even less about any of your so called accomplishments. You do not impress me in the least nor do you threaten or intimidate me. You are an insignificant pimple on my ass. You’re stupid son and you seem to be somewhat mentally unstable. It’s none of your damn business who my friends are or who I choose to associate with. In the beginning I gave you my opinion and you took it to the next level, not me, simply because I didn’t agree with your idiotic little problem that nobody really cares about. It’s physically sickening to me to even think about your name or your single minded, lonely crusade against other bloggers that don’t have the same point of view that you do. Your pathetic little photoshop characterizations of other bloggers, me included, are nothing short of childish and inane. Your screenshots of blog posts or snippets thereof are, at best, rudimentary and they only go to show your ineptitude and self imposed, imaginary importance. Your constant, never changing, never ending rehashing of the same thing over and over again is tiring, to most everybody. You might as well write one post and just keep reposting it over and over again. You are deluded to think that you are important enough for anyone to threaten your life. You’re narcissistic because you like to blow things out of proportion and mislead others into believing things that are not, in any way, true. I do not care in the least what you think of me, I care more about a speck of dirt than I do you. You are nothing to me. I’m not even going to go so far as to classify you as a pain in my ass. This is the last time that I will respond to you in any way. Don’t bother to reply to this because it will simply get dumped in the trash. Go ahead and screenshot bits and pieces of this and post them on your insignificant little blog and whine a cry about how bad of a “minion” I am. Go ahead and spin it as an attack on you in some way. It is best that we just go our separate ways. If you ping my blog one more time with your useless drivel I will report you as spam. If your send me another message or comment on anything that I post, I will report you as harassing me. Oh, and as one of the true “minions” as you call me, you can trust the fact that I can get many more bloggers to report you as well, it won’t just be me. You’re not the only one that knows how to contact administrators and authorities. This is the only warning that I’m going to give you son. Do not ping my blog or comment in any form or fashion about me. You are also not the only one that knows how to drag a name through the mud. It’s best that you just forget I exist and get on with your pathetic little fantasy life that you have created. I want no part of it.”

You comments dear readers and followers are of course very much welcome.

Thanks for readin’.

My Final Response To Stupidity was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

12 thoughts on “My Final Response To Stupidity

  1. mommyx4boys

    I have apparently missed something big, and I dont like that cause I am the type that if something is going on with the neighbor’s im the one looking through the blinds and really trying to hear whats goin on, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      There’s this little blackhead of a troll that likes to act all big and mighty, like he’s something special. It all started, with me anyway, when I commented on a post he did about OM and he took it to the next level. I tolerated it for a while, until he upped the ante yesterday with his useless drivel in a comment on one of my posts. To get the full story, go to OM’s blog and read back and you’ll understand. Send me your email address and I will really fill you in lol


  2. wildero64

    Having also been targeted in all this, I know how you feel and don’t think you’re over the top about it. I’ve just been avoiding feeding into it too much and not taking it very seriously (although he did cross the line into my real life with one of his posts).

    Just don’t let him get to you too much. He’s not gonna change by anyone pointing out what’s obviously wrong with him and what he’s doing unfortunately. He sees himself as a humor writer anyway.

    Liked by 1 person


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