A Kindred Spirit Beckons Me Home

I have been following Anna over at Appalachian Ink for some time now, and for some strange, beyond me reason, I had never really read her work, until today that is. She posted today a wonderful story about the hills and hollers of our beloved Southwest Virginia.

Reading her stories and tales of her childhood and of a time long gone and lost to history, has rekindled in me the very reason I started this blog to begin with. To relate to you, my readers, the true story of The Hills and Hollers of Southwest Virginia from the memories of a true Appalachian Son.

However, I can only strive to meet the excellent prose with which Anna writes. You folks are already fairly used to my writing style as it is, but perhaps I can improve on it.

So with that being said, expect a slight change of direction on THB soon.

And Anna, if you read this, thank you sincerely for your wonderful words and your inspiration. It feels good to be back where I started.

Thanks for readin’.

A Kindred Spirit Beckons Me Home was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

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