And That’s My Problem

So, I was layin’ in bed last night, thinkin’ like I usually do and I had this bright idea for a new project. Wait, what? Another project? Geez hillbilly, how many does that make now? I can hear your thoughts.

Well, officially it makes 4 ongoing projects with a couple on the back burner for now and that doesn’t include this blog. Needless to say, I now feel a bit overwhelmed with it all.

But see, that’s my problem. I think of something I want to do and regardless of what I already have going on I start it anyway. Usually when I start something new I will give a lot less attention to my current project(s) and have a tendency to get behind on them. Instead of dividin’ up my available time and givin’ so much to each project, I dive right in, heels over ass and forget about everything else for a while.

I have neglected this blog for a week or so. I had several updates due that had been waitin’ for a while. I’m also thinkn’ about a complete template change for THB, yes again. I really liked the current theme when I first implemented it but now I’m not so sure about it. Oh well, just another iron to add to the fire I suppose.

So, I have that goin’ on and when you add everything that goes on in real life, well, I’m tired. I’ve not been sleepin’ good because mom seems to be gettin’ worse with her memory and gettin’ up and roamin’ around at night.

Plus, I have discovered a couple of shows on HuluPlus that I really like and when I start watchin’ something I have a tendency to binge watch.

So there you have it, what I’ve been up to recently.

Thanks for readin’.

And That’s My Problem was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

3 thoughts on “And That’s My Problem

  1. aladywrites4u

    We finally had to start drugging my hubby at night in order to keep him from wandering and hurting himself or me. I’m not sure why nights are worse with dementia but they are. Good luck on all those projects.

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    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      Thanks so much! Yeah, mom is already on 3 different night meds and I think when she gets up, she’s still asleep and is dreaming. I’m not sure why evenings and nights are worse either, although I do know its called Sundowners Syndrome.



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