Where Have I Been??

Well, I’ve been over at Taylorsville Adventures for the past few days. I seem to have gone Bitstrips crazy, but I just keep gettin’ these ideas for comics and I have to act on it or I will forget it.

I’ve used Bitstrips in the past but I only realized a few days ago that it’s possible to build a comic from the ground up instead of using the pre-made scenes. The only drawback to it is I can’t integrate it with the one on Facebook so I’m havin’ to build all of my characters that already exist on FB. But that’s ok, it’s fun and keeps my mind occupied.

Which is a good thing ’cause recently, like the last 4 days, mommy’s memory has gotten progressively worse, her repeatin’ things has too. If she asks me something once, she will ask me at least 50 times during the day, if not more. The best I can figure out, is she is livin’ partially in the present and partially in the past, and the two get blurred into one in her mind.

But I’m not gonna dwell on that in this post. I just wanted to catch up with y’all and let ya know where I had snuck off to. Come on over and visit Taylorsville Adventures, it’s growin’ every day :)

Thanks for readin’.

Update: I fixed the link to Taylorsville Adventures.

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