Me?? An Author???

I know, that sounds so farfetched it’s funny. BUT! As I was layin’ down this afternoon, I heard somethin’ on a show on The Weather Channel that sparked an intense interest in me. I’ve felt this magnitude of interest only a couple of times before in my life and I always acted on it.

The problem? I’m not sure I know how to write a story. I get the general concept and I know what I want the story to be about but that’s about it. I don’t really know how to start. I’ve heard that some authors write from the end to the beginnin’, some will jump around in the story and others will write in a linear fashion.

What is my idea? Well, it has to do with science and it would be fiction, but it won’t be pure science fiction, no aliens or anything like that. In fact, my idea is entirely possible, given enough resources and money, kinda’ like the International Space Station idea. I’m not too sure I want other countries involved though, maybe one or two.

The other thing is, I kinda wanna share it as I’m writin’ it, but I don’t want someone readin’ it, stealin’ it and makin’ loads of money off of it. I’m not sayin’ that I think it would be that good but hey, ya never know, right?

So whatta’ya think folks? Go for it, share it and take the chance or keep it hush hush until it’s finished, which may never happen?

Thanks for readin’.

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