This …. This Is Uncalled For

Would YOU let YOUR daughter do this?





That last picture actually isn’t the worst one. If you wanna see all of ‘em you can go here. In a way I feel sorry for this poor child and in a way I wanna slap her parents for lettin’ it go that far. Yes yes, I know. I’ve heard the arguments and I STILL believe that until your child turns 18 YOU as the parent have control over shit like this, and if you look at her picture, you can tell she’s definitely not 18.

Even if she were, I still think this is repulsive. Even so, I have always believed “to each his/her own”. Perhaps there’s some stoner out there that thinks she’s attractive now.

So, would you or would you not allow this?

Thanks for readin’.

This …. This Is Uncalled For was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

20 thoughts on “This …. This Is Uncalled For

      1. amommasview

        That would be my absolute nightmare! As much as I love my kids and want to support their decisions: this would be one I could not support, or better it would be one I would be sure they would regret one day!

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  1. butchcountry67

    she should be thankful she isn’t my daughter lol , what exciting career is she planning on? magnet tester? I doubt McDonalds would even hire her to flip burgers at minimum wage!

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  2. tripleclicka

    Well…. I am not sure she isn’t 18, but, I am thinking it is kind of irrelevant here. Not sure what else to say other than, what the actual “f”? How do you even have a conversation with your daughter at this point, without your brain coming to a screeching halt?

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