What Has Gotten Into Me Lately?

I find that I am spendin’ way more time on WordPress that any other social media site here lately. It used to be that the majority of my online time was spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WordPress, in that order, with the occasional Break.com, theChive.com and yes, Foxnews.com.

But recently I have been spendin’ the majority of my time here, readin’ more blogs and interactin’ with more folks across the blogosphere. It seems as if Facebook has lost it’s luster for me once again, Instagram and Twitter are pretty much just time wasters and I’m feelin’ the need for more community interaction with like minded folks, basically, bloggers.

Oh sure, Facebook has it’s uses, like stayin’ in contact with folks that are far away and participating in our family group and the chat feature, which WordPress lacks, but that’s really about all. Everything is basically the same there, whereas here there are so many different “flavors”of content and such a wide range of topics, it’s nearly impossible to get bored.

Speakin’ of chat, I am considering implementing a chat function on my blog, but I’m not sure it would be well received or even used all that much. I also thought about makin’ a poll to see if it would be a good idea but I don’t get enough feedback on my post’s to really do that. I know people read my stuff, I just don’t get a lot of interaction on it for the most part. We’ll see I guess.

So anyway, I just wanted to share my changin’ online habits with you fine folks, it seemed appropriate since it sounds like a good topic for conversation :)

And remember, if you wanna follow me go here, not the WordPress.com blog.

Thanks for readin’.

What Has Gotten Into Me Lately? was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

2 thoughts on “What Has Gotten Into Me Lately?

  1. gingermom4

    I totally get the switch-a-roo! I find myself bored with most things lately. I scroll through facebook out of boredom. I keep it because of family. I have instagram because I love taking pictures but I “forget” I have it most days. Twitter I have but I don’t understand. Enjoyed your blog. Keep on bloggin’. I’ll keep on readin’.

    Liked by 1 person


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