The Liebster Award

Thanks so much butchcountry67 for this nomination! It truly means a lot to me to receive an award. Although I no longer participate in doin’ the nominations, I will gladly answer your questions! You can find his original post here.

1 what is your favorite color? Blue

2 which would you prefer to live in City or Country ? The country, hands down.

3 if given the chance to go to Mars (1 way trip) and take part in starting a colony , would you go? Depends on my current situation in life. If my youngest was all grown up and my new grandbaby was too, I would seriously think about it.

4 what’s your favorite season ? Summer.

5 Domestic or Import vehicle? Domestic, but most of ‘em are mostly made from imported parts now a days.

6 what decade do you wish you were a teen ager in? The 80’s, that’s actually when I was a teenager and would love to go back in time.

7 Empire or Rebel? Empire … May the Force be with you!

8 if you could change the world in a profound way , what would it be? Find a cure for all forms of Cancer, AIDS and all forms of Dementia.

9 Do you take your rights and freedom for Granted? Probably, although I don’t do it on purpose I don’t think.

10 if you fart in a crowded elevator, do you blame the person next to you, or do you own it, rank smell and all ? Own that bad boy!

These were fun and again, thank you for the nomination and congratulations on yours!

Remember, if you wanna follow me go here, not the blog.

The Liebster Award was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

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