A Rebuttal On Self Hosting

Jason over at Harsh Realty, you may know him as Opinionated Man, posted this on his blog earlier. In all fairness I couldn’t help but to post a rebuttal, actually the following is the comment I left on his post, which you can find here.

I read the post, I read the comments. I agree and disagree with you on this point. I agree that if you are happy and satisfied with your blog being hosted on WordPress.com then by all means keep it here, there is nothing wrong with it and as was stated several times you do have a lot of options.

I disagree because you only pointed out two aspects of self hosting, the two negatives that turns folks against self hosting their blog, the cost of self hosting and retaining your readers. Those are valid points and ones to definitely consider before moving your blog. However, with the bad you should mention the good.

Self hosting gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your blog, minus the restrictions that you have on WordPress.com. Having that freedom does not mean creating all “bells and whistles”. To me it means creativity, openness, the ability to craft my content exactly the way I want it and present it in a style that is all me. I want to attempt to create the best blog I can for my readers, provide them with excellent quality content on a website that is not only pleasing to the eye but gives them different options to interact in a way that is fun and retains their interest. You just can’t do that on WordPress.com the same way you can with a self hosted site.

There are many advantages to being self hosted and yes, there are disadvantages. The disadvantages can be interpreted as “Responsibility”, with a self hosted blog you have to take responsibility for everything concerning that blog. It’s your online baby, you have to take care of it. If you’re not prepared to do that then don’t even consider self hosting. However, if you’re up to the task, want to be as creative as possible, want the freedom to “live” in your blog, and have the drive and willingness to learn new things, then self hosted is the way to go.

As I said, you make valid points in this post, but they are not the only points to consider. One more thing I wanted to mention, I pay less than $9.00 a month for my hosting, that’s about $108.00 a year. How much do you (the readers of this comment, not just you Jason :) ) pay for fancy coffee, beer, wine or cigarettes in a year?

And finally, yes, it makes me feel good to look at my address bar and see my blog name with a .com at the end of it, a feeling of pride in knowing that it is all mine, to succeed or fail with. Now for the shameless plug.

If you want to see what I’m talking about you can visit and hopefully follow me at http://thehillbillyblogger.com

I am also working on a “Learn WordPress” group blog, you can find it at http://tutorials.thehillbillyblogger.com There’s not much there at the moment, I just started it yesterday, but check it out and follow it as well, if ya want to that is :)

Sorry this comment turned into a blog post Jason but I couldn’t help myself :)

A Rebuttal On Self Hosting was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

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