Long Lost But Now Found

2015-02-28 16.14.48This little gem right here was found today by my ever vigilant 5 year old son. It just so happens that he is also the reason we were lookin’ where we were at the time.

Ya see, this morning he ran into the bedroom to watch the last 10 minutes of cartoons, instead of eatin’ the food I had made for him by the way. After he was done, instead of turnin’ the TV off and placin’ the remote control back where it was supposed to be, he somehow managed to get it over the TV, behind and under the chest of drawers that is in my room. Keep in mind that the TV is on top of the chest of drawers, therefore makin’ it a good 2 foot taller that him while he’s standin’ on the end of the bed.

Also keep in mind that my bedroom is extremely small, basically just enough room for the bed, the chest of drawers and a cedar chest, however, there is a dresser jammed in there as well, leavin’ a whole whoppin’ foot of space to walk in. When I came here to stay with mom I had to bring all of my stuff with me. I put the most of it down in the basement but I had to have my clothes up here with me of course.

Remember I said how much space was left in my room? Well, my clothes took up the most of that space, what wouldn’t fit in the tiny closet had to be somewhere so the space between the end of my bed and the chest of drawers got elected. There are a few other things there as well, my guitars, a laundry hamper, a couple of boxes, etc.

Now, back to the wallet. I had to remove all of the stuff that was between the chest of drawers and the foot of my bed, pile it all on top of my bed and then have the 5 year old get down there and get the remote, which of course had blown apart upon contact with the floor so the batteries and back were not anywhere near the actual remote control, but that was his problem, not mine.

He managed to find all the necessary pieces and parts and gave them to me, so the remote is now safely back where it belongs, which is within easy arms reach of me when I’m layin’ down, as it should be.

A little over a year ago, I lost my wallet. I tore the bedroom, house, and truck apart lookin’ for it. I called all the places I had been to see if it had been turned in. Sadly it was nowhere to be found so I went through all the hassle of replacing all of the important things that were in it, my license, bank card, insurance cards, etc. What couldn’t be replaced were the pictures and other little odds and ends I had in it for safe keepin’. I was in despair over it for quite some time afterward.

Until today.

The 5 year old was still rummagin’ around in the floor and suddenly he beamed with great pride, “Look what I found daddy!” I looked, I couldn’t believe what he was holdin’. It couldn’t be, because I had looked everywhere for that wallet, I was sure of it. But lo and behold, here it was, in 5 grimy little fingers in front of a smilin’ face. He gave it to me and as I stood there lookin’ through it to make sure I wasn’t losin’ my mind, the next thing that came out that innocent little mouth was, “It’s MINE daddy!!” Well, that didn’t happen, but I’m not a total ogre, I’m gonna give him the one I bought to replace the one that had been quietly, innocently, unobtrusively hidin’ under the foot of my bed,the one I am SURE I looked under, for a little over a year.

2015-02-28 16.53.15

Long Lost But Now Found was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

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