THB Blog Update #1

pluginThis is the first in a series of blog updates that I’m gonna post, specifically while THB is still growing at the rapid pace in which it is now. I’m addin’ and movin’ stuff around every day and I’d like to keep my followers informed of the changes.

After the initial setup is complete and things slow down some, I will then only use the new Newsletter for updates.

So, without further adiue:

  1. As mentioned above, I added a Newsletter so my followers can stay informed of any updates or expansions I do that don’t normally show up in the Reader.

  2. Yesterday I added the Contact Form so you can contact me privately if you so choose.

  3. I added a Gallery function to better display my pictures.

  4. A Youtube plugin was added today to better present videos with less lag and quicker load time for the viewer.

  5. I added the Share Button plugin that gives me the ability to change the look of the buttons if I want to.

  6. I connected all of my New Social Network accounts to THB.

  7. I added a couple of plugins that will help THB run and load better.

  8. A few other things relevant to the back-end operation of THB.

I hope my followers find that these updates and expansions makes for a better and more enjoyable experience while visiting The Hillbilly Blogger.

Thanks for readin’.

THB Blog Update #1 was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

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