I Have A Big Problem

I am havin’ quite a bit of difficulty gettin’ Facebook and a couple other sites to play nice with my free host. It seems that most social network sites consider Byethost malicious and/or abusive and refuse to connect. The only way I have found as a workaround is to use IFTTT.com and for some reason that doesn’t always work.

Hence, I am not real sure what I should do exactly. Here are the options I have at the moment:

  1. Stay with Byethost.com and try to figure out some way around this sticky problem.

  2. Register a new .com account with a provider like GoDaddy or Hostgator and basically start all over.

  3. Just throw my hands up at the whole thing and just forget it. (Not my first choice)

I would certainly appreciate some feedback on this because the way I’m thinkin’ is if I move again I’m gonna lose what followers I have gained on the current blog and have no hope of regainin’ my followers from my old .com account. Is it worth it in the long run?

Thanks for readin’ and your help and advice.

I Have A Big Problem was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger

4 thoughts on “I Have A Big Problem

  1. The Indecisive Eejit

    Here’s my take, if you’re paying for hosting, why would you when WordPress is free and by and large works. That said, your new site does look awesome, so there is the plus of custom design. So basically that’s no help and I don’t know. I had a self hosted site before and it was too confusing lol

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    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      I wasn’t paying for the first one, it was a free host and almost all the social site had a problem with it, treated it like spam. I almost bought a new domain when i realized I already had one lol See, we’re all eejits sometimes. And thank you, I like it and of course I’m still tweakin’ it ❤



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