Busy Busy Busy

pluginAs you might have guessed, if you’ve been on the Reader much today, that I have been tinkering with the new blog. I’ve been adding plugins and widgets to better optimize my blog and to make it better for you, my faithful followers.

There is a couple of things that I need to tell you about that directly affects you as a reader, or better put, if you leave a comment.

First, I have installed a plugin that gives back to you, in a sense. When you leave a comment you will be given a choice to post a link to one of your last 10 posts. It’s kinda like a “pre-pingback” if you will. It’s one way that I can automatically give you a chance to share your work here, hence the possibility to increase traffic to your blog.

Second, I have implemented an anti-spam plugin that will require any commenter to check a box before the comment will post. I have learned a big lesson for self hosted blogs and that is, spambots LOVE them. That is one main reason I migrated from a self hosted to the .com to start with, but this new plugin, hopefully, will put an end to that.

I am not real sure how these two features will work on the .com site though. Since I have all posts automatically posting there as well for the time being.

Now, before I leave I have to remind all of my followers that haven’t done so to please consider following me at my new blog home. For those of you that have already joined me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Be patient with me, I’m still fine tuning everything, ’cause I want my readers to have the best experience ever when you visit The Hillbilly Blogger!

Thanks for readin’.

Busy Busy Busy was originally published on The Hillbilly Blogger


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