Thank You Octavia … NOT!

2015-02-17 09.35.48This is not fun. I do not like snow, the cold or winter in general. I’m a summer time kinda’ guy. However, winter storm Octavia decided to make a visit yesterday and she’s not gone yet. It seems like she has decided to be “that guest” that just won’t leave.

I know many of you that read my blog really like this kinda’ stuff, well, you can have it, I don’t want it. I don’t like being stuck indoors, wearin’ 10 layers of clothing when I do go outside, icicles hangin’ from my nose or my feet and hands perpetually frozen. I just don’t understand people that actually ENJOY this time of year.

2015-02-17 09.35.11I mean, what can you do outside and not freeze to death or at least feel like you’re gonna freeze to death? Where is the fun in that? Just look at this picture? Can you imagine going out there and trying to have any fun what-so-ever? I can’t.

Not to mention that the days are dreary, cold and do not inspire any kind of happy emotion. For someone that suffers from panic, anxiety and depression, winter is a terrible season, filled with bad days and dark feelings.

Even on the days that the sun does shine it still feels gloomy because it’s so cold and you have to bundle up in so  many clothes you feel like you’re suffocating.

No, winter is not for me. For those of you that enjoy it, more power to you. Give me 80 degrees, a blue, sun filled sky, shorts and flip flops, sittin’ on a beach with the waves gently kissin’ my toes, then I’m a happy man.

I’m goin’ back to bed, this is depressing.

Thanks for readin’.


4 thoughts on “Thank You Octavia … NOT!

      1. edwardkowalski

        Tastes like chicken. Or is it rabbit? The Sweet Baby Rays covers it up anyway. Another side benefit is you can dress up like Carl from Caddyshack (“c’mere widdle snowman, I got a surprise for ya”).

        Liked by 1 person

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