My Facebook Statistics

These are pretty darn accurate.

Here are a few statistics by my way of hillbilly thinkin’.

I have 289 people on my friends list at this moment.
98% of those 289 are family, friends or people I know.
The other 2% are people I have networked with through a friend or family member.

On an average post I receive comments from 4% of those 289 people.
I receive 6% worth of Likes.
75% of that 6% are from the 4% that commented.

On an emotionally charged post I receive comments from about 11% of 289 people.
About 8% worth of Likes.
Again about 75% of that 8% are from the 11% that commented.

1.75% of the 289 will consistently comment on my posts whether an average post or emotionally charged post.

On a picture post with Connor in the picture I will receive comments from about 13% of the 289.
About 9% if it’s just me in the picture

Interesting how the numbers work out, ain’t it?

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