In Loving Memory


Sadly I had to say goodbye to a man that raised me as his own son yesterday. My Uncle Ben passed away around 3:15 PM, 1/26/2015.

After my mom and dad divorced in 1970, mom and I moved in with my Uncle and Aunt so mom could take care of my grandmother, her mom. From that point on until we moved out after my grandmother passed away, and even after when I needed it, he made sure that I had whatever I needed, not wanted but needed.

He raised me the old fashioned way, the way he had been raised. He taught me how to make a garden and take care of it. He taught me everything I know about carpentry, plumbing and vehicle repair. He taught me how to drive and how to work for a living. He taught me how to play guitar. He taught me how to be patient and understanding. Most of all, he taught me how to be a man by example.

There is going to be a big empty space in my heart and life. The world isn’t going to seem right for a long time to come now the he’s no longer in it.

I take solace in the fact that I know where he is now. I take comfort in knowing that he is no longer suffering, no longer in pain. My heart sings for him, knowing that he is now with his mom and dad, his brothers and sisters that have gone on before.

Yes I am grateful for all those things but I am also heartbroken and selfish, because I want him back, not in the broken down shape that he had gotten in but as the vibrant, hard working man I remember from my youthful days when we would work all day in the garden, cut down weeds, play our guitars on the front porch, laugh together.

I know I can never have that, all I can do is try to move forward and be the man that he always wanted me to be. The kind of man he was.

So, Uncle Ben, even though you hated technology and you’re not here to read or hear this, I love you and I miss you. Go rest high on that mountain now, your work here on this earth is done.

For you Uncle Ben …

Love Your forever grateful nephew,



6 thoughts on “In Loving Memory

  1. Michelle

    What a wonderful tribute. I am honored I was able to meet him. He reminded me of my Dad’s dad. I still remember your plow story, your bathroom hiding place etc… 🙂 I am sure he is young and pain free in Heaven. I was in this play for my church once when my kids were babies and I remember vividly how the elderly lady that passed and could barely walk was happy and skipping in Heaven. I like to think Shadow is doing that now too. I thought that might be my first blog but I never have anytime. This is rambling I know. But I know how you must feel and I continue to pray for you all especially your sweet mother.

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